Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nowhere but here



sometimes i do ask myself ‘why am i here?’. having to learn all about indigenous health and australian health system from scratch really made me think ‘why do i have to learn things that aren’t related to me before?’ i can choose to study medicine in malaysia while be active in many community activities that do not involve partying and partying like in australia. there is must be a reason why Allah sends me here.



whenever i cycle passing mt stuart on my way back to home, the story of Muhammad SAW came to my mind. Allah SWT had inspired him to be alone in the Hira’ cave while many others were worshipping idols and lost in the deceiving world. Allah SWT had protected him and his soul in the isolated cave. as a result, Muhammad SAW became a great man. a mercy to the whole world. a man with great patience and other noble manners.


He has beautifully arranged my life. everything is in His hand. He had placed me in this isolated small town (though many aussies think townsville isn’t that rural) so that i can build my inner strength without being impeded by negative influences. self-development i would say. to be a better servant of His. to be closer to Him. insyaAllah.